Baba Roots Herbal Drink

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baba Roots

1) Where did the name Baba Roots come from?
The owner of the company's name is William W. Webb but his friends call him Baba. When he started experimenting with different blends of roots in an attempt to make the perfect roots drink his friends called his formula the "Baba Roots Drink" and it caught on. After he perfected his formula, he incorporated the name BABA as the name of the company. Baba then filed for trademark protection and secured the brand name, "Baba Roots" in January 2003.

2) Where is your drink sold?
Baba Roots is sold in convenience "health conscious" stores, restaurants, clubs, bars, concert venues, festivals and fairs all over the Caribbean and through exports to such countries as Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, The United Kingdom and United States. In order to meet the increased demands of our customers and to better serve you, we have recently upgraded to a new state of the art manufacturing plant in Jamaica. As we continually strive to develop key strategic partners in various territories to distribute and market Baba Roots, We take this opportunity to say thanks to our loyal consumers.

3) How long has Baba Roots been around?
Baba started experimenting with different blends of the formula in the mid 90's from his hometown of Darliston, Westmoreland, Jamaica. In 1997 he officially incorporated the company in Jamaica, under the name B.A.B.A. Limited. Baba then went on to obtain a seal from the Bureau of Standards to get the necessary approval from the Government of Jamaica as an approved production plant for the local and overseas market.

4) Where is your drink made?
The manufacturing plant with all distribution operations is located in Darliston, Westmoreland. All of the roots are blended and bottled at the plant.

5) How did you come up with such a great flavor?
The flavor of Baba Roots is unique! The recipe has been patented and the basic ingredients are listed in our product information section. However, the exact formula for creating the unique and distinctive flavor is a trade secret! What we can tell you is that our process creates a delicious roots drink with no after taste. Various attempts have been made to counterfeit the product due to its tremendous popularity in Jamaica but anyone who is familiar with the distinctive flavor of Baba Roots will immediately recognize a counterfeit product.

6) How did the drink become popular?
The drink first gained momentum among the Rastafarian community, the major music entertainers and various other personalities from the music industry. Because of the popularity among the Jamaican musicians, other entertainers started to drink Baba Roots, and they offered unsolicited endorsements through their music. As soon as people throughout the world heard Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel and other performers singing about Baba Roots and saw pictures of them drinking Baba Roots onstage, Baba Roots became an overnight success among Jamaicans and then international tourist from Canada, Japan, Germany, the UK and France.

7) Where does your ingredients come from?
All of our ingredients are 100% natural (with no added chemicals of any kind) and they are cultivated in the unspoiled mountains of Jamaica. Our workers possess decades of combined experience in the identification and harvesting of traditionally used roots & herbs.